If you're unsure of what shirt size you should be wearing, take a look at our simple guide below.

If you wear... 131/2" - 14" 141/2" - 15" 151/2" - 16" 161/2" - 17" 171/2" - 18" 19" - 20"
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Now that you've found your fit, it's time to find the perfect finishing touches for you.

Not only do we offer 4 fits, our shirts are available with the choice of 3 collar styles and 3 cuff options.
Creating a shirt that fits your body and style has never been so easy.

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3 Comfort Collar styles

Our collars are constructed to give you extra movement for all day comfort in a range of styles from the traditional to ultra-modern.

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3 Luxury Cuff Options

Your cuffs are a style statement. Choose from a single, double or dual cuff to fit your personal style.

Still unsure? For a full breakdown of all the sizing options we offer, please see our full size guide.