Our History

It all began in a barn: The transformation of Triumph International from a tiny Southern German corset factory back in 1886 into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lingerie and underwear is a global success story.

Triumph today enjoys a presence in over 120 countries all across the world. For its brands Triumph, Florale and sloggi the company develops, produces and sells underwear, lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear, fusing excelling quality in workmanship, unrivalled fit and the latest in fashionable design.

Our Brand

From finest seductive lingerie to ultra-high-performance functional sportswear, from casual young fashion style to luxurious underwear that's as comfortable as it's creative, the strong brands of Triumph International offer fascinating products for women of all ages, for those special unique moments.


Triumph meets the needs of all women who demand quality and sensational fit from more classical, modern coverage to the most fashionable designs.

FLORALE by Triumph

Rich and highly decorative lingerie, luxurious in signature detailing; highly constructed fits and figure-flattering designs to offer an enhanced level of support and comfort

Triaction by Triumph

From soft comfort for non-impact sports to maximum support for peak athletic performance: with Triaction bras and underwear, you're on the way to being a winner.


Discover innovative bodywear for women that will make you challenge everything you think you know about comfort (Hint: It’s a lot more than just “not uncomfortable”).


Empowered women have the inner confidence to know their own mind and their own style.

A Triumph bra helps boost women’s inner confidence because it provides both physical and emotional support.

Empowerment begins with inner confidence, but radiates outwards, helping them change the world and empower the women around them.