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Triumph everyday essential non-wired multiway push-up bra - beige

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  • Brand: TRIUMPH
  • Product Type: BRA
  • Barcode: 7610875921855
  • This lightweight and breathable T-Shirt bra will give you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Memory foam has been combined with a layer of soft foam to create these comfortable bras. The silky microfiber fabric and seamless designs make these T-Shirt Bras perfectly line free and an essential to your wardrobe.

  • With light push-up padding for a natural lift

  • Non-wired fit with detachable straps that allow you to wear this 5 ways: classic 2 strap, asymmetrical, halter, cross back and strapless

Wireless bras are making waves in the country and are known to be a healthier option in comparison to their wired counterparts. But apart from removing the sometimes uncomfortable poking feel of wires, there is little else of value until the comfort and style experts behind Triumph decided to give their unique spin to it.

It is not every day that you get to see a multiway convertible bra that is also a wireless push up bra. Shop in Style partners with one of the best underwear manufacturers in the world to give you stylish versatility and luxurious comfort. Triumph’s Everyday Essential Non-Wired Multiway Push-Up Bra – Beige is a touch up on its non-push up variant with its added padding to give your breasts the boost they need.

The added cleavage this piece gives this Triumph everyday bra a flattering bonus on days you need to suddenly step out of the house for last minute errands and meetups. You can also wear it however you desire — with or without straps, halter style, criss-cross and even one sided. There would be no need to go through the hassle of switching bras or clothing!

If you want the non-push up equivalent, check out The Triumph Everyday Essential Non-Wired Multiway Push-Up Bra – Beige. Trust us when we say there is no better investment than these bras and other great pieces from the brand. Look no further than Shop in Style for all the best wireless bras in the Philippines. We fulfil your every clothing need right here.